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Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Driving Under the Influence laws are strict in Arizona, and the effects on your life can be severe: loss or suspension of your driver’s license, large fees and fines, and jail time are all possibilities. In certain serious or repeat offense situations, you could even face time in state prison. If you’ve been charged with DUI, you need effective legal representation in all aspects of your case. 

Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes

Criminal charges involving the sale, transportation, or importation of drugs into Arizona can carry major criminal penalties, including prison time. Cases involving the sale of drugs over the “threshold amount” can require mandatory prison sentences, and these “threshold amounts” can be very low — such as only 1 gram of heroin, or 9 grams of cocaine powder. Drug sales charges involving any amount of methamphetamine can have a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison. At the same time, there are an increasing number of treatment-focused alternatives available for people charged with simple drug possession. As an experienced criminal law attorney, John Edgett will work to obtain the best possible outcome for your case, no matter how serious your charges.  

Domestic Violence

Being charged with a domestic violence offense can lead to significant consequences and can disrupt your life in a variety of ways. Even misdemeanor convictions for domestic violence can lead to fines, jail time, or supervised probation. Such convictions can even lead to the loss of your right to possess firearms under State or Federal law. John Edgett understands the complex dynamics that these cases can have and will work diligently to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

Violent and Gun Crimes

If you are convicted of a crime involving the use, discharge, or threatening exhibition of a weapon, or a crime involving a serious physical injury, you could face mandatory prison sentences under Arizona law. John Edgett has significant experience working on these types of cases. A former felony prosecutor, John successfully handled cases such as home invasions, armed robberies, and homicide cases. If you are facing serious charges like these, you need a lawyer who understands how the government will approach the case, and who will aggressively and effectively work to protect your rights and your freedom.

Misdemeanor Crimes

Being charged with any crime carries the possibility of significant consequences including fines, jail time, or probation. There are also collateral consequences such as possible effects on your current or future employment, your rights, and your reputation in the community. Some people plead guilty just to get the case over with, and may end up regretting it later. A criminal conviction carries lasting consequences for many aspects of your life. The Law Office of John Edgett, PLLC handles all Arizona criminal charges from serious felonies to misdemeanor offenses. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor crime in Tucson City Court, Pima County Justice Court, or any other court in Southern Arizona, call us for a free consultation. Effective legal representation can make a significant difference in your case. 

Felony Crimes

A felony charge is a serious matter. In Arizona, felony offenses cover a wide variety of crimes, and the possible penalties range from a presumptive prison sentence of one year all the way through life imprisonment, depending on the charges. Felony convictions also result in the loss of your civil rights , including the right to vote and the right to bear arms. An experienced, skilled attorney like John Edgett can work to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. If you’ve been charged with felony crimes such as burglary, auto theft, money laundering, sex crimes, aggravated assault, or any other felony in Arizona, call the Law Office of John Edgett today.